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    CASS releases works on building modern Chinese civilization

    CASS has been actively playing a guiding role in constructing philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics. Leveraging its advantage in multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies, it has effectively pursued the dual objectives of “research” and “interp...

    13th World Socialism Forum held in Beijing

    In his keynote speech at the opening ceremony, Gao Xiang, president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), noted that building a community with a shared future for humanity is a Chinese plan for promoting human progress and world peace and development.

    CASS President meets with Secretary General of FLASCO

    Over the years, CASS has conducted extensive exchanges with renowned universities, think tanks, and research institutions in Latin America, contributing to the promotion of friendly cooperation between China and Latin America.

    CASS report sums up nation’s cultural development achievements

    The Report asserts that people-centeredness is the core principle of cultural development in the new era, digital culture is a salient feature and powerful driver of this undertaking, and civilizational exchanges and mutual learning is a new approach to constructing a new order for the world civilization.

    CASS unveils research outcomes on BRI

    Since the inception of the BRI, CASS has delved deep into historical and cultural resources to advance the theoretical research and interpretation of the initiative.

    CASS unveils major outcomes on AI and digital economy

    Zooming in on the digital economy, a new form of economic development, the three works offer in-depth summaries of theories and practices concerning the development of China's digital economy and examine positive shifts in the country's development model, contributing experience and wisdom to China's push to build a new development pattern and advance high-quality development.

    Major archaeological finds of 2022 unveiled

    On Feb. 22, the Archaeology Forum of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS): China’s New Archaeological Discoveries of 2022 was held in Beijing.





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