CASS President meets with Secretary General of FLASCO

Source: CSSN 2023-12-05
On Nov. 22, CASS President Gao Xiang met with a delegation led by Josette Altmann Borbón, secretary general of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Beijing.

President Gao Xiang first extended a warm welcome to the delegation. He noted that FLASCO, as one of the three major social science research institutions in Latin America, has nurtured numerous talent for Latin American academic and political circles since its founding in 1957.

In 2021, FLASCO launched a series of lectures on contemporary China, setting off a “China craze” within academia of Latin America and the Caribbean. Gao expressed his appreciation of the efforts made by FLASCO, particularly Secretary General Altmann Borbón, to advance the relationship between China and Latin America.

Over the years, CASS has conducted extensive exchanges with renowned universities, think tanks, and research institutions in Latin America, contributing to the promotion of friendly cooperation between China and Latin America. Gao added that CASS is committed to further strengthening communication and collaboration with FLASCO, and to diversifying and broadening the scope of exchanges to elevate bilateral cooperation to new heights.

Secretary General Altmann Borbón expressed that FLASCO attaches great importance to cooperation with China. In the first half of 2023, it officially established a research group on China-Latin America relations. The group comprises outstanding scholars from FLASCO branches in Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay as well as the Secretariat. The aim is to produce cutting-edge, authoritative knowledge on the China-Latin America relationship on multiple dimensions and levels, and enhance mutual understanding and dialogue between the two sides, in order to promote the development of balanced, win-win bilateral ties. Altmann Borbón added that FLASCO is ready to strengthen friendly cooperation with CASS to continuously elevate the level of collaboration in the field of social sciences between China and Latin America.

President Gao and Secretary General Altmann Borbón also exchanged views on jointly launching the “China-Latin America Social Sciences Forum,” promoting mutual visits and communication between young scholars from China and Latin America, enhancing research collaboration, as well as on international affairs.

Editor:Yu Hui
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