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    Academics interpret modern Chinese civilization

    Modern Chinese civilization not only exhibits the commonalities shared by modern civilizations worldwide, but also showcases China’s distinctive civilizational features shaped by the peculiarity of Chinese modernization.

    Report delineates user attention to Chinese journals

    The report tracks the number of times journals were accessed and downloaded through the Center’s platform to generate the attention index, which encompasses attention to journals, disciplines, and research subjects, geographical distribution of attention, and usage by institu...

    CASS unveils new outcomes on building modern Chinese civilization

    Over the past year, CASS has initiated a project dedicated to researching and interpreting modern Chinese civilization. This project has made remarkable progress by unifying its political and academic nature, and integrating its inherent thoughts and knowledge, through coordin...

    CASS unveils 22 major research works

    The report offers a comprehensive analysis of economic, political, social, and diplomatic dynamics, alongside significant events and risks, across major countries and regions worldwide in 2022.

    CASS report sums up nation’s cultural development achievements

    The Report asserts that people-centeredness is the core principle of cultural development in the new era, digital culture is a salient feature and powerful driver of this undertaking, and civilizational exchanges and mutual learning is a new approach to constructing a new order for the world civilization.

    New CASS outcome innovates historiography of modern China

    A General History of Modern China (Revised Edition) meticulously examines modern China’s arduous journey from “sinking” to “ascending,” offering invaluable experience for contemporary Chinese modernization.

    CASS unveils major outcomes on AI and digital economy

    Zooming in on the digital economy, a new form of economic development, the three works offer in-depth summaries of theories and practices concerning the development of China's digital economy and examine positive shifts in the country's development model, contributing experience and wisdom to China's push to build a new development pattern and advance high-quality development.





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